Free lecture by WiSe Founder Colin Speedie on how to identify whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles, including helpful and practical observation guidelines. The event will take place in the Puerto Calero Auditorium on Thursday 31st October at 6pm. 

Join us for a fun and inclusive lecture on how to identify marine life during an Atlantic crossing, with straightforward and practical observation guidelines.
Colin Speedie, a yachtsman with a lifelong interest in marine life offers the perfect perspective for cruisers who wish to gain a richer understanding of marine life to be seen around the Canaries and whilst crossing the Atlantic. He will offer helpful and useful information about different species and their behaviour together with practical advice on how to how to ensure that potential disturbance to marine animals is reduced to a minimum – equally how to avoid potentially endangering yourself and your crew!

Colin has published a significant volume of material about natural history, sailing and the environment in the form of scientific reports, papers and magazine articles. For over twenty years he has worked as a professional skipper and researcher on projects studying whales, dolphins, basking sharks and turtles. He founded and runs WiSe, the UK’s training and accreditation programme for safe and sustainable marine wildlife watching. Towards the end of the lecture he will provide details on how you can help researchers by recording what you see.

The event also will be attended by Vidal Martin, president of the Canarian Ceteaceans Conservation Society (SECAC) who will be available to answer any questions on their work and local marine life.
With some spectacular photography the lecture promises to be both entertaining and educational.
Free entry – all are welcome – please call to book however since places are limited.
Puerto Calero Reception  – 928 510850 –