Shetland Canoe Club

The Shetland Canoe Club offers informal training to beginners and welcomes competent visiting sea kayakers to enjoy the stunning coastal landscape of the Shetland Isles. The club offers regular guided trips throughout the summer around all the varied coastline of the Shetland mainland and the 100 isles that make up the archipelago. Truly world-class kayaking and the chance to encounter some of the UK’s most inspiring and dramatic wildlife. With a little luck cetaceans (including Orcas), seals, otters, and internationally significant seabird cities are all within paddling distance and the plentiful marine caves, arches and stacks are guaranteed to make any trip memorable.

07766 054776

North Atlantic Fisheries College

Shetland – the northern extremity of the British Isles. A remote archipelago of over 100 Islands, much of it lying beyond 60°N. A land where the summer sun barely dips bellow the horizon and the scenery and wildlife combine to create an inspiring and unforgettable experience, it is a place that few people visit only once…

Imagine yourself; thrilling at the spectacle of Killer Whales hunting seals, in a boiling swell below towering cliffs… enthralled as you track a family of wild otters as they go about their daily business along a beautiful and remote stretch of coastline… and then later that day marvelling at the intensity of life in one of our bustling seabird colonies… with ‘Shetland Nature’ a dream like this can become a reality.

Tel: 01957 733372

UnderWater Shetland Ltd

UnderWater Shetland offers wildlife excursions along Shetland’s coasts. Our nature tours will show you the best of wildlife and scenery both above and below the water. On our customised boat, the Galathea, we explore Shetland’s rich and varied wildlife: not only the marine mammals and seabirds above the water, but the beautiful and intriguing little animals beneath the waves. Our new submersible ROV camera delves into an amazingly beautiful and colourful ‘secret’ world, sending back live video to a large screen in our cosy, enclosed cabin. From sea squirts to seals, from sea stars to seabirds, see it all!


Robbi ShoafEnge

Alan Longmuir

Tel: 01595 747 015 Mob: 07788 665 565


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