I’m pleased to confirm that we have now booked a course to take place on the 10th of March 2012, starting at 1000 hours. The course will be held at:

Land and Wave Ltd

Upton House

Upton Country Park



BH17 7BJ.

Cost will be GBP60.00 + VAT per person, to include all course materials, flag, stickers and website presence.

Tea and coffee will be available, and we are grateful to Land and Wave for very kindly hosting the event.

I’m attaching a brief outline with this email which will explain a little more what WiSe is about, otherwise you are welcome to visit our website to see how WiSe works.

I’d be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible if you plan to attend so that we can plan resources, and by all means pass on this information to anyone else you feel may be interested in attending.


What is WiSe?

WiSe (Wildlife Safe) is a training and accreditation course aimed at operators of passenger pleasure craft, wildlife cruise operators, dive boats and commercial work boats, who are the most likely people to come into contact with marine wildlife – basking sharks, whales and dolphins, seals and seabirds – as they are out on the water on a regular basis.

The training of operators consists of instruction in how to best view these creatures, whilst at the same time minimising disturbance to them. All WiSe accredited operators will have received instruction into how to handle their craft and themselves whilst in contact with any of these animals, how they may react to the presence of boats and human presence, and how to leave them room to carry on with their lives unimpeded.

All WiSe operators will receive instruction into their local and national laws relating to wildlife, which is of particular importance due to the protected nature of many of these creatures. They will also receive instruction on species identification, life history and behaviour of a range of species they may encounter in the waters that they operate in. All WiSe operators will have completed a course led by one or more of our WiSe Instructors, and will agree to abide by our Codes of Conduct for all of the species covered by WiSe, as well as all relevant local or national laws and bylaws that may apply.

Training consists of four modules in the classroom, and all successful candidates will receive a certificate, identification stickers and a flag, for display on their vessel or at their place of business.

WiSe Instructors have been specially selected in all areas around the UK for their years of experience in the field, their knowledge of the species likely to be encountered in their locality, and local conservation issues relating to marine wildlife that are of particular importance.