January 2010

January 2010 – WiSe Courses are being arranged for the Spring. Dates so far include:

  • Tuesday 16th February – North Berwick, East Scotland
  • Thursday 18th February – Kyle of Lochalsh, West Scotland
  • Tuesday 9th March – St Helier, Jersey
  • Wednesday 31st March – Goodwick, nr Fishguard, SW Wales

January 2010

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January 2010 – The Marine Conservation Society is currently running a “Your Seas Your Voice” campaign. Help to protect parts of the UK’s rich marine biodiversity by casting your vote for the area you think should be considered for marine protected area (MPA) status. The WiSe Scheme believes MPAs can play a positive role in safeguarding marine biodiversity, and ensure our precious wildlife and habitats remain healthy for responsible eco-tourism operators, their guests and everyone who uses the sea. Click on the logo for more information.

“There has never been a better time to safeguard our seas…” wise_scheme_link

June 2009

June 2009 – For the last few years we’ve been steadily increasing the number of WiSe Instructors available in regions where marine eco-tourism is very popular. Our new instructors come from all walks of life, but all of them are experts in the issues that WiSe seeks to address. We are building a new web-page detailing their locations and areas of interest, and intend to upload this information during the summer.

WiSe continues to grow with many new operators and marine guides trained up prior to the summer eco-tourism season. We continue to receive new requests for WiSe training regularly, so please do get in touch if you are interested in attending a WiSe course, and this will help us identify and schedule future course locations and dates.

Apr 2009

Apr 2009 – Forthcoming WiSe course dates include:

  • Friday 8th May – Falmouth Marine School, Falmouth, Cornwall

* To attend this course, please email us ASAP – the course is almost full.

Feb 2009

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Feb 2009 – Forthcoming WiSe course dates include:

  • Wednesday 3rd March – Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland *
  • Thursday 4th March – Scalloway, Mainland Shetland, Scotland *
  • Friday 5th March – Yell, north Shetland, Scotland *
  • April (exact date yet to be confirmed) – Falmouth, Cornwall – see above

* To attend the course dates in Scotland, please phone Caroline Warburton, Wild Scotland on 01463 252400

Oct 2008

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Oct 2008 – Those watching the development of WiSe might have wondered what Ben Fogle was doing mingling with the WiSe team a little while back. Well, we can now announce our new film, “The WiSe Way to Watch Wildlife“. Through support from the Save Our Seas Foundation and WWF, we were able to capitalise on some components of the WiSe course. As the course is usually given to solely to commercial boat operatores and potential wildlife guides, we thought it an important opportunity to produce a film with key WiSe messages for anyone going out on the water hoping to encounter wildlife. It provides simple advice on typical species behaviour, safe distances and boat handling. This film is a joint media production from Wave Action  and Oscha Productions, and is available to view from our What Is WiSe page. We hope you enjoy it, and please let us know what you think…

April 2008

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April 2008 – following the latest WiSe training roadshow during Feb/Mar (and funding discussions), we are now back to the desk able to upload all newly-trained operators and guides into our database and onto our webpages. Watch this space for new accredited operators being listed in areas all over the UK. See individual regional Operators pages for more details…

Feb 2008

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Feb 2008 – In response to feedback, we’ve developed a web-page to log the details of people who’ve undertaken WiSe courses with the intention of being marine Guides onboard marine eco-tourism boats. This is offered as a source of info for our WiSe operators, as many have been seeking people trained in WiSe skills who can help with species identification and marine biology knowledge onboard their operations. We hope this tool proves useful – any feedback welcome. The page is available from the bottom of the Operators page, or directly from this link.

Spring 2008 **WISE COURSES**. The geographical coverage of WiSe operators continues to spread. The following WiSe courses have just been confirmed:

  • Friday 25th January – Falmouth Marine School, Cornwall
  • Monday 25th February – Birnam Institute, Perth, east Scotland
  • Tuesday 26th February – Ben Nevis Auction Mart, Fort William, west Scotland
  • Saturday 1st March – Barholm Hostel, Portaferry, Northern Ireland (**Note: change of location**)
  • Wednesday 5th of March – Maritime House, St. Helier, Jersey
  • Saturday 15th of March – venue TBC, Isle of Man (**Note: change of date**)

If you would like to attend one of the above courses, please contact us at info@wisescheme.org to reserve your place.

Sept 2007 – Ben Fogle recently visited the WiSe team (along with Sylvette Peplowski from WWF) to assist in the voiceover for a forthcoming WiSe DVD targetting the boat-owning public.

Colin Speedie & Ben Fogle at the Maritime Museum (photo: Louise Johnson)

The morning was spent filming at the National Maritime Museum here in Falmouth, and the afternoon spent at the offices of OSCHA Productions who are assisting in the development of the DVD. We’re currently in the final stages of production, so watch this space for further info on when it will be available.

May 2007 – additional West Scotland operators listed – click here for the full list.

Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code

As a result of the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004, Scottish Natural Heritage has lauched the Marine Wildlife Watching Code in Nov 2006. The Code is designed for those who watch marine wildlife in Scotland – whether on land or at sea. This is not a regulatory instrument, but comprises recommendations, advice and information. The Code and its guidance has been incorporated into the WiSe courses provided in Scotland during Feb 2007, and represents a new and exciting development in this field. For more information, click the logo below:


Following successful completion of four courses last year, five WiSe courses were held in Spring 2007:

  • Pembrokeshire, SW Wales – Wednesday 14th Feb – Pembrokeshire College, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest
  • Gwynedd, NW Wales – Friday 16th Feb – Plas Menai watersports centre, Caernarfon
  • Perth, East Scotland – Monday 19th Feb – Burnham Institute
  • Fort William, West Scotland – Wednesday 21st Feb – Fort William Auction Mart
  • Aberystwyth, West Wales – Tuesday 20th March, 10am – Stapleton 2 room, IGER Aberystwyth Research Station, Plas Gogerddan SY23 3EB (Phone: 01970-823000 for directions or see weblink above)

If you are interested in attending the next WiSe course, please contact Colin Speedie as further courses will be conducted in the off season 2007/2008. These will be scheduled to ensure operators can obtain training and accreditation prior to the start of the general summer season.

For more info, contact Colin Speedie – 01326 313886 – 07836 746197 – cds@mer.eclipse.co.uk

There are WiSe accredited operators along the whole length of the west coast of the UK and has now grown around the coast to eastern Scotland. There has also been a WiSe course held in Barbados for local ecotourism operators. The web site has now been updated with details of operators in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wales, East and West Scotland, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

For those of you who met David Marshall in your WiSe dealings, sadly he’s moved onto pastures new and currently enjoying some Italian sunshine and Barolo! Helping with WiSe development instead is Louise Johnson, who comes to us through her work on the Wildlife Trusts Basking Shark Project, plus many years experience of conservation policy and environmental management. Lou’s contact details are 01326 313886 – 07980 699265 – louisejohnson@bigfoot.com.


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